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MCAS Yuma School Liaison Services

The USMC School Liaison Program is designed to provide connectivity between military families, local schools and the Marine Corps.  USMC School Liaisons support transitioning families in obtaining educational information and assistance from local school districts as well as identifying and coordinating community resources to reduce the impact of the mobile military lifestyle on military school-age children.  Many military children often face the hardships of transferring schools and have troubles dealing with their educational endeavors when parents receive orders to move elsewhere.  As a one-stop-shop, the School Liaison makes finding the information regarding local schools easier and can help ease some of the transitional stress associated with moving.

Who is the MCAS Yuma School Liaison?

Elena McShane is a professional educator with a M.A. in Education.  Her mission is to be available for any and all military parents to assist with K-12 educational issues.


How can I contact the MCAS Yuma School Liaison?

Elena McShane can be contacted at

928-269-5373 or mcshaneea@usmc-mccs.org.


Please visit the MCAS Yuma School Liaison website to obtain a comprehensive view of local school information and resources at:

School Liaison Office

L.I.N.K.S. information for parents and local teachers.