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Table 3-9. Examples of Work Levels for Navy and Marine Corps Activities (NAVMED P-5010-3)

Note 1: Rest means minimal physical activity (sitting or standing) and should be accomplished in the shade, if possible.

Note 2: For MOPP gear, PPE, or body armor, ADD 10° to the WBGT Index.

Note 3: Work/rest times and fluid replacement volumes will sustain performance and hydration for at least 4 hours of work in the specified heat category. Individual needs will vary ± ¼ quart per hour.

Note 4: Green Flag: Heavy exercise, for non-acclimated personnel, will be conducted with caution and under constant supervision.

            Yellow Flag: Strenuous exercises such as marching at standard cadence, will be curtailed for unacclimated troops in their first 3 weeks (Per NAVMED P-5010-3), avoid outdoor classes in the sun. 

            Red Flag: All PT will be curtailed for those troops who have not become acclimatized by at least 12 weeks (Per NAVMED P-5010-3). Those troops who are thoroughly acclimatized may carry on limited activity not to exceed 6 hours per day.

            Black Flag: All nonessential physical activity will be halted for all units.



Valid Date/Time: 20201023/1055
WBGTI: 81.4

Duty Forecaster: 928-269-2266


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