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Marine Corps Air Station Yuma

Yuma, Arizona
 Legal Assistance

The mission of the Legal Assistance Office is to serve eligible personnel by providing professional and zealous representation with regard to their personal legal affairs. 

Legal Assistance OIC: Capt Charles Whitman
Legal Assistance Clerks: LCpl Julio Torres
                                                                LCpl Adam Serrano
Legal Assistance Paralegal: Mr. Joe Covarrubias
VITA Tax Coordinator: Ms. Erlinda Knight 
We can help with: 

• Family Law
• Landlord-Tenant
• Consumer Law
• Estate Planning 
• Military Rights and Benefits 
• Notary Service
• Powers of Attorney
• Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
• Immigration

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

The mission of the VITA section is to assist you in preparation and completion of your federal and state income tax returns. We can file taxes electronically or by producing the necessary documents in hardcopy which you would need to mail in, depending on the nature of your return. Our personnel are trained and experienced in both federal and state tax regulations and are knowledgeable of all the forms and legal requirements. VITA is open from mid-November through the beginning of June, Monday through Friday from 0800 to 1600. 

The specially-trained Marines at the MCAS Yuma Tax Center will offer state and federal tax return filing services free of charge to all retired and active duty personnel and their dependents.                                         

What you must have when you come to the Tax Center:

• Your Military/Retiree/Dependent ID
• Your Social Security card
• Date of Birth and Social Security card of any dependent (e.g., spouse, children)
• Social Security number or Employer Identification Number of any day care provider, the provider's address, and the total amount paid to the provider
• If you are married and filing jointly with your spouse (recommended), you must bring a power of attorney authorizing you to file on your spouse's behalf 
• Last year’s tax return (not mandatory unless you itemized)


 Any and all of the following current tax year’s tax forms issued to you, and if filing jointly, to your spouse:

• W-2 (wages received)
• 1099-INT (interest received)
• 1099-MISC (miscellaneous income received, e.g., self-employment, rental property), with list of expenses, if applicable 
• 1099-DIV (dividends and profits from stock and mutual funds)
• 1099-B: (proceeds from sale or transfer of stock)
• 1099-R: (pension, annuity, IRA-related funds)

Additionally, if you would like your refund directly deposited or your amount owed automatically withdrawn from your bank account, you must also have:

• Your bank name and routing number
• Your bank account number (The easiest method is to bring a check or deposit slip.)

For Married Taxpayers: 
If filing jointly with your spouse, he/she need not be present, but you must bring the power of attorney mentioned above (either the one located here, or an appropriate special power of attorney for tax purposes) . Also, if you are filing separate from your spouse, you must have your spouse's Social Security card, and know whether she/he has already filed. 

Note: There are some returns that will be out of the scope of the MCAS Yuma Tax Center (i.e. some business tax, etc). If that is the case with your tax return we will advise you to seek professional help such as a paid tax preparer.

Tax Center Intake Sheets
Intake sheet
Supplemental Intake Sheet 
Family Law

Practice Areas:

• Child support 
• Spousal support 
• Divorce
• Paternity 
• Guardianship 
• Adoption 
• Name change

-New clients requiring assistance with the matters listed above must first meet with an attorney. Please bring a copy of all relevant documents, including any court orders or other court paperwork.

-Our focus is Arizona law. Limited assistance and/or attorney referrals may be provided for matters involving other jurisdictions.


Arizona Child Support Calculator

Arizona Department of Child Support Services

Basic Allowance for Housing ("BAH") Rates 

USMC Legal Administration Manual Chapter 14: Legal Assistance Program 

USMC Legal Administration Manual Chapter 15: Financial Support of Family Members 

USMC Order P1751.3F: Dependent determinations and BAH eligibility

- Legal Assistance can provide help with some divorces. Legal Assistance cannot assist with contested divorces.




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