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Marine Corps Air Station Yuma

Yuma, Arizona
 Administrative Law

To enhance the operational readiness of all commands aboard Marine Corps Air Station Yuma by providing administrative law support in the areas of 6105s, administrative separations, investigations, and claims; and to educate command representatives about their unit's legal duties and responsibilities.

Administrative Law OIC: Capt Charles Whitman

Administrative Law NCOIC: Sgt Lauren Butler

Administrative Law Clerk: LCpl Joseph Cruz
                                                     LCpl Branden Maisonet

Marine Corps Separation Manual


No “statute of limitations” exists for administrative separations. Accordingly, a Marine may be processed for separation based on conduct notwithstanding the length of time between the conduct and the notification of separation or the expiration of a statute of limitations for court-martial or non-judicial punishment. However, once separation action has begun, prompt forwarding, review, and decision in each case are essential. Proceedings are initiated on the date a command receives a written request for separation from a member or on the date a command delivers a member notice of separation proceedings. The following listed time goals are measured from the date of notification or initiation of a voluntary request until the actual date of separation. Failure to complete an action within the prescribed time in no way bars separation or affects characterization. Every effort should be made, however, to meet the established goals. 

6203 Convenience of the Government
• 1
• 2
Condition not a Disability 
• 3 Personality Disorder

Unsatisfactory Performance

Unsanitary Habits

Alcohol Rehabilitation Failure

• 2
Minor Disciplinary Infractions 
• 3
Pattern of Misconduct 
• 5
Drug Abuse (Mandatory processing) 
• 6
Commission of a Serious Offense 
• 7
Civilian Conviction 
• 8
Sexual Harassment 
• 10 Driving Under the Influence (x2 Mandatory processing)

Weight Control Failure 

Recommendation for Administrative Separation
Notification of Separation Proceedings
Acknowledgment of Rights
Purpose and Scope (BCNR) and Naval Discharge Review Board (NDRB)
Sample 6105 Counseling
Appointment letter (Board) 

Convenience of the Government (Condition Not a Disability/Personality Disorder) 
SECNAVINST 6320.24 series 
DOD 6490.1 series (Mental Health) 

Unsatisfactory Performance/ Weight Control/ Body Composition Failure
MCO 6110.3 Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test and Body Composition Program Manual 

Alcohol Abuse Rehab Failure/ Drug Abuse/ Alcohol related incidents
SECNAVINST 5300.28D Military Substance Abuse Prevention Abuse and Control 

Commission of a Serious Offense/Civilian Conviction 
MCM, 2012 Edition 

Administrative Reductions 
MCO P1400.32D Marine Corps Promotion Manual, Vol.2, Enlisted Promotions 

Domestic Violence (levels II, IV, and V)/ Drug Abuse/ Alcohol Rehab Failure 
MCO P1700.24 w/Ch1 Marine Corps Personal Services Manual


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