Civilian leave increases due to wartime effects on homefront

13 Mar 2008 | Lance Cpl. M. Daniel Sanchez Marine Corps Air Station Yuma

The Marine Corps recently increased the maximum amount of leave most Marine Corps Community Service personnel can save from 30 to 45 days over a span of two years.

 The change occurred due to challenges MCCS has experienced from supporting the Global War on Terrorism, according to Marine Corps Bulletin 12000 released January 7.

 Many MCCS employees either deploy to Iraq or serve in mission-critical positions on bases and are forced to forfeit their leave because they don’t have the time to take it, said Bill Wyant, MCCS deputy director in Yuma.

 The increase policy until Jan. 3, 2009.

 Federal employees are now entitled to take six months of family and medical leave to take care of injured active duty family members after recent changes to the Family and Medical Leave Act.

 The new policy, contained in the 2008 fiscal year National Defense Authorization Act, more than doubles the amount of time employees could take under the old policy, which only allocated 12 weeks for general family/medical leave.

 In order to take the leave, federal employees need to show medical proof their service member is hurt and needs care, said Florence Fitch, air station human resources manager.

Marine Corps Air Station Yuma