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Marine Corps Air Station Yuma


Marine Corps Air Station Yuma

Yuma, Arizona
Family Readiness Officers
Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron:
Capt. Teal Peterson

Branch Health Clinic Yuma:

HM1 Willie Harrington (Medical)

HM1 Cressie Mabins (Dental)

Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron 1:
Diarra Huggins

Marine Fighter Training Squadron 401:
MSgt. William Yerby

Marine Aircraft Group 13:
Erica Ruiz

Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121:
Acting Family Readiness Officer

Marine Attack Squadron 211:
Brian Pennington

Marine Attack Squadron 214:
Janet Stewart

Marine Attack Squadron 311:
Angie Barber

Marine Attack Squadron 513:
Betty Pancake

Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 13:
Larry Lever

Marine Wing Support Squadron 371:
Steven Klauck

Combat Logistics Company 16:
Richard Reath

Marine Air Control Squadron 1:
Michele Seidler